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Dear Georgia Athletic Directors,

I hope your summer has been at least a little restful, and we are ready to begin a new school year. I know many started Monday the 4th, and some are starting a few days later, but just remember no matter when you start there are student athletes that will depend on the decisions you will make this year. My prayer is for all your schedules, contest, and personnel issues to go smoothly.

Be willing to reach out to other AD’s for help and offer help when asked to do so. Our job is one that most people don’t understand, so as a result they don’t respect the many difficult issues we deal with on a daily bases. We need to explain what we do in a positive and clear manner so that our administrators, teachers and coaches have a better understanding that our job is one of service, and we are here to make their jobs easier.

I’m proud to be called coach, but equally proud to be call A.D.  As long as we remember we are here for our athletes, then we will be able to enjoy our job of service. Hope you have a great year.


Mike Singletary
GADA President
Athletic Director - Thomas Co Central High School



Membership dues update

Effective immediately the following changes have been made by the board of directors regarding membership dues.

Dual GADA/NIAAA annual membership dues remain $140.00

Retirees Only annual membership dues are $60.00

Members who have Lifetime NIAAA memberships dues are $30.00

The membership application has been updated.  Additional Paypal options are now active on the membership application page. Dues paid via PayPal include a 4% processing fee.

Membership Page


2015 GADA Annual Conference Dates Announced
March 21-24, 2015


Coaching Opening:  Head Varsity Baseball Coach
Westover High School is looking for an experienced head baseball coach.  Valid Teaching certificate is required.
Please contact
Johnny Seabrooks, Director of Athletics
P.  O. Box 3170
Albany, GA 31701
Click HERE to email Johnny Seabrooks
October 31, 2014


2014 GADA Hall of Fame Inductees

We're proud to announce the GADA 2014 Hall of Fame inductees

Mr. Johnny Seabrooks, Ms. Lynn M. Malloy, Dr. Ralph Searngin, Mr. Ed Pilcher

Please Click HERE to read more about our distinguished 2014 inductees



2014 GADA Athletic Director Awards Posted

Click HERE to see the 2014 AD Class and Region Award Winners

State Athletic Award Winner will be announced at the 2014 GADA Annual Conference.


Looking to earn your CMAA?

Click the link below to see Tommy Amaroso's (North Springs HS) CMAA project.  Thanks Tommy for providing a great example. 

Click HERE to download Tommy's CMAA project.



By Jeff Beggs (CMAA, Past GADA President) has been compiling this document over the years. Appropriately titled.

Click HERE to read the document (also available for download)

11 Attributes of Effective Athletic Directors

By Jeff Janssen, Janssen Sports Leadership Center

As all coaches know, effective athletic administrators can make your job measurably easier and a little less stressful, while poor athletic administrators can be a nightmare to work for and a big reason you leave.

Here are the top 11 attributes coaches respect in an athletic director, listed in reverse order of how frequently the qualities were mentioned in a recent survey I conducted of my newsletter readers:

Click HERE to see the rest of the story (also available for download)


Please congratulate Carter Wilson (Decatur, HS, GADA President 2009-2010) for being a part of one of the only books to be nationally published for interscholastic athletic administrators. The NIAAA has been working with the publishers for years to finalize this product. Please examine it on or at NIAAA's website.

It might be possible to have these at the conference to sell. I will check with NIAAA.

Thank you Carter for being a leader and representing Georgia so well. Nice job!

Bob Stinchcolmb
GADA President 2011-12
Darlington School

The Georgia Athletic Directors Association is proud to provide a new nonprofit service to assist families in being properly educated about the athletic collegiate recruiting process. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit Recruiting Education Foundation Inc. is providing the GADA with free recruiting webinars for Georgia high school athletes and their families.

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